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At Repetitions Fitness we help everyday people take their fitness to the next level and get them in the best shape of their life. Our Training Programs are fun, but also challenging. We want our members to enjoy their sessions while still working hard. Over the years we have found the more our members enjoy their training and the atmosphere we create, the better long-term results that they see. Try our lung busting cardio sessions or total body strength programs, we can help you lose weight, increase your fitness and build your strength.

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Elise Loses 3KG

Since joining Repetitions about 6 months ago, I have seen a huge change in my body shape. Coming from a previous group fitness gym, which focused mainly on cardio training, I decided to change up my training and focus mainly on weights-based training. Although I have not lost a great deal on the scales, I have increased muscle mass and decreased my body fat percentage

Elise Brooks, 31, Stanhope Gardens

Karli Loses 2.5KG

I have been training extra hard over the last few months and have made huge improvements with my strength and fitness. I am now stronger and fitter than I was before I had my two boys. But since I have put a bit more of a focus on food, I have dropped the extra couple of kilograms I was carrying. I am now feeling confident to wear my bikini this Summer. 

Karli Haig, 31, The Ponds

Rebecca Loses 5KG

Over the last 6 months, I decided to change up my training and focus on my nutrition.  I have been training 5 – 6 times per week and have lost 5kgs, dropped 3% body fat and lost 14 cms.

Rebecca Shaw, 30, Quakers Hill

Rachael Loses 20KG

I have attended Repetitions Group Fitness for almost one year now and in that time I have never felt better. My fitness level has improved out of sight, I used to hate running as I found it really difficult but now I almost enjoy it :).

Fitness rouse hill

Rachael Guthrie, Nurse, Quakers Hill

Melissa Loses 12KG

I love training with Repetitions because they have given me back my confidence. It is such a supportive environment and I always leave a training session feeling stronger and happy!

Fitness rouse hill

Melissa Kotowksi, 22, Quakers Hill

For as long as I can remember I have been overweight, but when I had my first child in Feb 2011 I was sitting at my heaviest of around 123kgs.

It was Oct 2011 when a friend from work told me to come and train with her and 2 other people in a group environment for a committed 4 week period. So I said why not. This is when I met Adam Simpson. He treated me just like the other girls even tho I was so scared of the fact that my size had caught up to reality.

I knew only after a couple of sessions with Adam that he was the trainer to get me where I wanted to go. I was very impressed with his focus and commitment to our sessions. So I took the step of having one-on-one sessions.

I knew only after a couple of sessions with Adam that he was the trainer to get me where I wanted to go

6 months later & after losing approx 12kgs, I fell pregnant again with my second child. I continued to exercise but due to medical reasons I was forced to stop.

So fast forward to Jan 2013, 8 weeks post baby # 2 (c-section). I called Adam and told him I was ready to return after gaining all the weight back & again sitting at 122kgs.

We took it slow and he knew how to adapt everything due to my surgery.

Adam inspires and motivates me to push myself in every session, he has the amazing ability to adapt our training to my personal needs. I achieved great results with Adam’s belief and became the fittest and healthiest I have been in more than a decade (or 2). We work on everything from sprinting to heavy weights (that’s the fun bit)

I urge anyone who is looking for a change to take that first step, I guarantee you won’t regret it

I keep going back to Adam because he is so positive and encouraging. He really knows how to get the best out of me. He pushed me to continue where I would have quit, helped me through those days when I wanted to be anywhere BUT with him, and even helped me face my fear of doing chin ups.


I urge anyone who is looking for a change to take that first step, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Gym rouse hill

Briianka Nest, 32, Quakers Hill

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