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Welcome to Adam Simpson Fitness.

Over the last 15 years I have been honing my skills as a face to face Personal Trainer, running one on one sessions and Group Training sessions for almost 2,000 people.  It is now my mission, to help people who don’t live close enough to come and train with me at my gym. But would still love to become the fittest and strongest possible version of themselves.”

“My programs are designed to deliver you the best results I can, in the shortest time possible. My aim is to give you the guidance and structure that you need, to maximise your time in the gym. If I can deliver you results, you are much more likely to stay motivated and consistent with your training and that is going to lead to long term success

Build Strength


Body Fat

Improve Fitness

Who would benefit from an Online Program?

Regular gym goers who have no real structure or plan to their current training
Someone who has hit a plateau and can’t quite get results
Those getting results, but not as fast as they would like
Regular gym goers who are going away on holiday and would like a program to take with them
Anyone who is new to the gym and doesn’t know what, when or how they should be training
Anyone who is serious about building muscle and getting strong
Anyone who has a serious weight loss goal and wants to get in the best shape of their life
Adam Simpson

Features of Each Program

Your program will be delivered to you in a user-friendly app.
Each exercise will have detailed instructions as well as an instructional video explaining how to perform each exercise.
Your reps, sets and rest times are all clearly defined for each exercise.
Programs are also built with overload progressions across the length of your program, this is key to your results.
You will also have access to our nutrition guidelines, a sample meal plan and our calorie / macronutrient tracking feature.

Start Your Journey by Selecting a Program!

Want a Customised Program + Online Coaching?

These 12-week programs are designed specifically for you and your individual goals. If you are someone who needs individualised exercises, have injuries you need to work around or you just need extra accountability to make sure you get the work done.

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