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10 Motivation Quick Fix Tips – Get Motivated to Train & Eat Well!

by | Apr 10, 2023 | Uncategorized

When it comes to exercising or training it is only natural to not be super motivated 100% of the time. But the key to long term results is being super consistent and getting your workouts done when you really can’t be bothered. Here are some quick fix motivational hacks that you can use to make sure you get that work out in.


  1. Get a workout buddy – Call or text a friend and book that workout in with them. You are much less likely to skip that workout, if it means you are going to let someone else down as well.


  1. Do something fun – If you have a structured program and you just really don’t want to do it. Go off script and do some other activity for the day that gets you moving.


  1. Prepare your gym gear – If you train early in the morning get your gym gear out the night before and lay it somewhere so it is all ready to go. You will feel silly the next day if you don’t go and train and you have to put your gym gear back in the cupboard.


  1. Do not go home after work – After a long stressful day at work, it can be easy to skip the gym. Whatever you do, do not go home. Pack your gym clothes and go straight to the gym. If you go home and sit down, you are not getting back up.
Photo of gym training with a buddy for motivation.

Committing to train with a buddy will make you far less likely to miss workouts. It’ll also generally result in you training harder!

  1. Buy new workout gear – If you are in a bit of a rut, go and buy some new workout gear that you are excited to wear. It may be the little motivational boost you need to get you back on track!


  1. Buy some exercise tracking technology – Myzone Bands, Garmin Watches, Fit Bits are all great tools you can use to track your exercise levels and give you that little bit of accountability you need to get your next work out in.


  1. Put on some music that fires you up – Music is a great tool that you can use to get yourself in a certain mood. Find a play list that gets you pumped up, crank up your sound system and get yourself to the gym.


  1. Short workouts – Don’t overcomplicate it, if you are just not in the mood for an hour of exercise. Just commit to a 10 to 15-minute sweat session and call it a day.


  1. Fitness Pro’s – Jump online and watch some of your favourite fitness pro’s ripping into their workouts for inspiration.


  1. Quit making excuses – Just go and do it, you will feel so much better when you are done!!


Next time you are lacking that motivation you need, give one of these hacks a go. If you have any hacks that I haven’t mentioned that you currently use, I would love to hear from you! Shoot me an email [email protected]

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