Group Fitness Classes In Rouse Hill
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Repetitions’ Trainers are dedicated to giving you a varied, effective, challenging workout that will help you reach your goals, lose weight and get healthy.

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With so many programs to choose from, you can find a Group Fitness class that motivates and inspires you to push yourself to your limit.

Anyone of our variety of high-energy, effective Fitness classes will leave you satisfied and with a sense of accomplishment as you put one foot in front of the other taking your first steps to a new you!

This class combines both strength and cardiovascular-based exercises. Push yourself to your limit with this intense workout.
40 minutes of High- intensity Interval Training. Perfect for getting your HR up and burning off a load of calories. Finish off with some core and abdominal strengthening exercises.
Circuit based training session, where stations can range from 1 to 6 minutes in duration. Stations may be an individual, partnered or grouped. Loads of variety, we guarantee that you will always be kept on your toes.
Is a full body weights session, specifically designed to build lean muscle. Your entire body will be feeling the burn as we take you through a body builder style workout.
A tough cardio session, designed to get your HR up, burn a tonne of calories and get you sweating up a storm.
A circuit style boxing / kick boxing session using the pads, bags and Thai pads as well as the best cardio moves to get you working hard with a partner. Note: you do not need to bring a partner.
Is a full body weights session, designed specifically to get you stronger. This is your chance to push around some heavy weight and build some serious strength. Note: This class is still suitable for all fitness levels, as you will be lifting a weight that is heavy for you.
MZ- 16
This class is all about working your guns, hence the name MZ- 16. One of the most powerful guns you can get your hands on. Lift some serious weight, building a lean, strong upper body, before we finish with 5 – 20 minutes of HIIT.
Is a combination of Tyson and Sweat Therapy. You will not only be punching and kicking the pads and bags, but you will be performing a bunch of different drills all with the purpose of getting your heart rate up and getting you fit fast!!
Is a lower body based session where the goal is to build yourself a strong, toned set of wheels :P. In these sessions you will be blasting your legs before finishing with 5 – 15 minutes of cardio work.
This session is all about building real world strength. Not only will you be lifting free weights, but you will be dragging sleds, lifting heavy balls and carrying the farmers handles. Build your strength, while training like the special forces.
Lung Buster
Is a High Intensity Interval Training Session, designed to get your HR up and improve your overall fitness.
Is a tough cardio based session where you will generally work with a partner or in a group of 3 or 4. These sessions have plenty of work on the bikes and rowers.
Lift and Burn
Lift and Burn – These sessions are a great mix of strength and cardio. 35 Minutes to lift weights, 5 minutes to work on your abs followed by 20 minutes to get your HR up.
Max HR
60 Minutes of Circuit and Interval Cardio Training. This class is designed to do exactly what it is called, get your Heart Rate up to your Max.

Can I Bring My Kids Along to My Sessions?

Yes, kids are most certainly welcome!

We know how hard it is for our busy mums to train. So we have a small fenced off session in the gym. The kids corner is equipped with Netflix, Toys and Wifi so that the kids can be entertained for the hour.

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