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  • Protein Pasta Bake

    Protein Pasta Bake

    PROTEIN PASTA BAKE 🤤 😍 . . Anyone who knows me knows that I am a man that enjoys my pasta 🍝 . So you can bet I was keen to try this Pasta bake recipe out for myself! 😍 . All it takes is 4 ingredients: chicken, cheese, pasta and sauce . INGREDIENTS 2 chicken breasts Bag of low fat cheese “Mums Sause” Bolognese sauce Low carb pasta (can even use zucchini noodles if you after something more low carb) . Pre cook the pasta and chicken and combine into a tray with sauce and top with cheese. Bake for 5-10 minutes and enjoy! 🍝 . MACROS 400 cal 30g protein 40g carbs 8g fats ....

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  • Plates Under Heels When Squatting

    PLATES UNDER HEELS WHEN SQUATTING? 😯 . . If you are coming up on your toes during your squat, first look at your form. Is the first movement of your squat setting your lower back and slightly moving your hips back? Or do you squat straight down? 🤔 . If you squat straight down and you have tight ankles, you will have more of a tendency to come up on your toes during the squat. Work on setting (bracing hard to maintain your natural arch) your lower back and starting the movement by moving your hips back slightly before you lower. You’ll also want to work on keeping your elbows pulled down (facing the ground) and your chest up. These important squat technique tips will ....

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  • The Power Of Protein

    THE POWER OF PROTEIN 💪🏻 🍗 🥩 🍖 High Protein, Low Carbohydrate diets are the newest diet fad, where people are dropping their carbohydrates to extremely low levels and nearly doubling their protein intakes in hopes of losing weight. People are drinking copious amounts of protein shakes or bars and staying away from pasta, rice and potatoes, foods that offer plenty of complex carbohydrates to supply us with the energy we need for the day. ⚡️ Now will this diet help you lose weight? Sure, but once you jump off it and increase your carbohydrates again, that weight will come creeping back as your body tries to store as much glycogen as possible. There are much better ways ....

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  • Carbohydrates: Friend or Foe?

    CARBOHYDRATES: Friend or Foe? 🤔 All too often you hear people talking about their diet and you get the same answers. “I wanna go low carb to lose weight” “Carbs are bad for you” “I’m not eating any carbs because they make me fat” Low carb diets like Keto have proven to be pointless as when the body is restricted of carbohydrates for a while and you have a carb loaded meal like some pasta or rice, your body flocks to it like it’s a banging deal in your local Aldi, immediately storing those carbs for later 😂 All the energy we need for life comes from the foods we eat and the fluids we drink. These nutrients are broadly broken into ....

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  • Greens: What do they do?

    GREENS: WHAT DO THEY DO? If you guys haven’t noticed we have got some Greens product from True Protein, if you aren’t sure what they do keep reading! 😊 Greens are a health blend that harnesses the potent benefits of a range of green ingredients. The core element of greens is a combination of five highly nutritious and mildly alkaline green leaf powders (Barley, Wheat, Alfalfa, Oat and Spelt), along with CHLORELLA and SPIRULINA. GREENS is rounded off with the unique additions of freeze dried fruit and vegetable powders, organic matcha green tea, green tea extract and added vitamin C powder. 🍊 Eating your vegetables (at least in whole form) has been linked to longer, ....

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  • Healthy Swaps

    HEALTHY SWAPS: Greek Yogurt 🍦 . . Yogurt is one of biggest produced source of dairy you can find on the market behind milk. There are many different assortments of flavours and brands out there, but a lot of them sacrifice their caloric profile by packing in copious amounts of sugar to make their product stand out from the crowd. 🖐🏻 . Today, we will be looking at a healthier swap for normal yogurt, and that is Greek Yogurt 🍦 . Greek yogurt is made by straining out the extra whey in regular yogurt. It makes a yogurt that's thicker, creamier and tangier than regular yogurt. Plain Greek yogurt has less sugar and more protein than regular yogurt. Compared to regular ....

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  • Benefits of Strong Man Training

    BENEFITS OF STRONGMAN TRAINING 💪🏻 . . Why should we incorporate strongman training into our weekly exercise routine? There are many benefits to this particular style of training and as to why it is becoming more and more popular. First and foremost it pushes the boundaries in what you can do and what you can lift, push or press. 😬 . Strongman is similar to the original cross fit just less risk of injuries and better and more controlled movement patterns. It also is instructed in a controlled environment so it is encouraging you as an individual to lift or push a heavier load than you would normally. Therefore it is a very goal orientated way to train in the sense that ....

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    CHOCOLATE & RASPBERRY PROTEIN TUB . Treat yourself with this delicious protein tub made with Chobani Greek Yogurt, scoop of your preferred protein powder (I used True Protein Rich Chocolate WPC 👌🏻 ) Raspberries and rich Dark Chocolate 🍫 🤤 . MACROS: Calories - 305 Protein - 46g Fats - 6g Carbs -15g . A delicious sweet treat to kick those cravings to the curb! Packed with protein to help suppress your appetite and prevent you from those cheeky nighttime snacks 🤔 . Have for breakfast, as a snack or a dessert after dinner 😍 ....

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  • Who would be best suited to our Personal Training Program?

    One on One Training Not everyone is suited to Group Training Or likes to train on their own. That’s where our Personal Training Program comes in Our Personal Training Programs are perfect for: People who have very specific goals and need a personalised program to hit that goal. People who are not comfortable walking into a commercial gym. People who may have injuries or limitations that they need to work around. People who want to learn how to exercise correctly and safely. People who need more accountability and support. ....

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  • Magnesium

    Magnesium can be found in many foods such as dark green, leafy vegetables. Other foods include fruits and vegetables like bananas and avocados, Nuts like cashews and almonds and whole grains like brown rice. 🥜 🥑 . It is important to have high levels of magnesium in your system. A deficiency in Magnesium can lead to Sleepiness, Muscle Weakness and Hyper-excitability (Muscle Cramping). 💪🏻 . Magnesium plays a role in maintaining normal nerve and muscle function, supports the immune system, keeps the heart beat steady and helps your bones remain strong. Taking magnesium supplements is not recommended if your diet is high in protein, calcium or vitamin D increase your magnesium ....

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