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Virtual Class Schedule!

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It is easy to quit working on your health, especially in the confusion caused by COVID-19 pandemic. Repetitions Group is prepared to be your lighthouse during this worldwide quarantine. 👍🏽

We run 4 daily Virtual classes per day you can attend because Repetitions cares about you and your health! 

💪🏽 6am, 930am, 1230pm and 6pm. 

💪🏽 Upper Body, Legs, Abs, HIIT and Boxing Sessions. 

💪🏽 Interact Live on ZOOM or on FB with your trainer and fellow members.

I’d like to give you 14-days of free, at-home, online workouts!

Whether you’re just getting back into working out OR your current routine got interrupted…

These quick workouts will meet you at your level and they are 100% free.

What are you waiting for?! Don’t quit on yourself! Your goals, your health and fitting into your jeans after quarantine ARE important!

DM us for more details and links to our Virtual Classes!

P.S Because caring is sharing so please share this post and tag anyone you know who’s stuck at home too and can use our help 😎


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