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How to Shop for Groceries Now

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How to shop for groceries now? 🤔

Pre grocery store: Meal plan and make a list. This helps prevent impulse buying.⁣

✏️ Step 1: Grab a wipe and clean the handle of your cart. Most if not all grocery stores have these. They also have automatic hand sanitizer dispensers…use them. ⁣

✏️ Step 2: Stick to the perimeter of the store. You can prep produce to freeze for later use as well as freeze your meats. Most of us know how time to meal prep so no excuses!⁣

✏️ Step 3: Stay away from processed foods. While it’s easy to want to grab for these things, they just aren’t the best for our bodies while trying to keep our immune systems up during a pandemic. Stick to things like dried rice, beans, and pasta as well as other resources you can use to cook from scratch (flour, baking soda, baking powder, etc.) These things have longer shelf lives and this way we can control what ingredients go into our recipes.⁣

✏️ Step 4: Grab bags of frozen fruits and veggies for back up. Frozen veggies are actually just as good for you as fresh because they are picked at their peak and flash-frozen to keep the nutrients in. ⁣

✏️ Step 5: Don’t panic! There is plenty of food, that won’t run out any time soon. Two week precautions are Incase you get sick and need to stay home for two weeks. ⁣

NOTE: emotional eating is a real and natural thing. Plan on having that treat (and not feel bad). Make it something to look forward to, not something to lean on. OR certain things like smoothies are a good healthy treat that could quench that sweet tooth! ⁣

 ⚠️  That’s it folks…really no different than your normal shopping trip with the exception of buying a few extra things as back up in the event you do get stuck at home. There is no need to panic buy. Grocery stores will be open. Be smart, stay healthy, and don’t buy junk!


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