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Cupboard Clean Out

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Cupboard Clean Out 

We all know that this time of the year it can be easy to over consume calories and therefore gain a little extra weight. If you are like me, you will most likely have a lot more social events this time of the year. Where it can be easy to over eat and snack on things that have little to no nutritional value but are loaded with calories. Let’s be honest its going to be impossible to not eat “junk” type food while you are out. 

So get smart about it and limit these foods to while you are out and don’t eat them at home. When you get time this week, go through your cupboards and throw out some of the crappy food you have at home. If its not there you wont be tempted to eat it and your body will thank you for it. Disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with eating these types of foods, but the devil is always in the dosage. Small amounts of these foods are completely fine, but for the majority of people getting these portions right is never easy. So for the purpose of thriving this festive season, throw these foods out at home. 

Below is an interesting list which shows how much exercise it will take to burn off some common snacks, that people tend to over indulge on. 

100g Potato Chips – 545 Calories – 3 Hour Walk 

60g Chocolate Bar – 270 Calories – 1.5 Hour Walk 

Large Sausage Roll – 373 Calories – 2 Hour Walk 

Chocolate Chip Muesli Bar – 129 Calories – 43 Minute Walk 

50g Jelly Beans – 162 Calories – 54 Minute Walk 

Blueberry Muffin – 447 Calories – 2.5 Hour Walk 

2 Scoops of Ice Cream – 256 Calories – 1.5 Hour Walk 

Chocolate Milkshake – 446 Calories – 2.5 Hour Walk 

40g Dark Chocolate – 210 Calories – 1 Hour 10 Minute Walk 

2 Chocolate Biscuits – 198 Calories – 1 Hour 5 Minute Walk 

Small Movie Popcorn – 186 Calories – 1 Hour Walk 

1 Slice of Pizza – 362 Calories – 2 Hour Walk 

Medium French Fries – 405 Calories – 2 Hour 15 Minute Walk 

600ml Soft Drink – 244 Calories – 1 Hour 20 Minute Walk 

1 Glass of Red Wine – 119 Calories – 40 Minute Walk 

Vodka Shot – 69 Calories – 25 Minute Walk 

Note: Keep in mind these are all estimates and brands may vary for the amount of total calories and it will take less or more time depending on the individual to burn the amount of calories. However, it will still give you some perspective. 

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