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Benefits of Strong Man Training

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Why should we incorporate strongman training into our weekly exercise routine? There are many benefits to this particular style of training and as to why it is becoming more and more popular. First and foremost it pushes the boundaries in what you can do and what you can lift, push or press. 😬

Strongman is similar to the original cross fit just less risk of injuries and better and more controlled movement patterns. It also is instructed in a controlled environment so it is encouraging you as an individual to lift or push a heavier load than you would normally. Therefore it is a very goal orientated way to train in the sense that you can load more weight each time you undergo a strongman class, pushing you to PB’s and increased strength levels. 💪🏻

You may hear the term “chaos training” when strongman is mentioned. Chaos training is a type of training that improves functional movement which will then carry over into sport specific training including athletics and running and any team sports. Not only does it improve your movement patterns and coordination for sport specific but it also improves daily movement patterns. 👊🏻

How? Say you go to the grocery store on a Sunday for the weekly shop. It is busy, chaotic at the shops so you are forced to park a long way from the entrance to Woolworths or Coles (incidental movement is always a bonus) however once you have finished the shop you than need to carry the bags from the check out to the car. You will not only have the strength and endurance to do so but you will also be able to lift the bags correctly without hurting yourself, less rest stops and most importantly not be out of breath. 💨

Strongman is also very density based which is where you use a lot of prime movers and stabilisers in all of the exercises involved which in short means you can use larger muscle groups and as a result you will have an increase in energy expenditure both during and well after the class is over. 🔥

Overall, Strongman Training provides you with a unique style of training that focuses on you getting stronger and stronger!

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