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Strength training – STOP rushing through your sets!!

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Strength training – STOP rushing through your sets!! J


When it comes to strength training, I often see too many people who will want to rush through their sets and will reduce their rest periods to the shortest possible time that they can. Many people do this because they think that they are wasting their time if they take too long in between sets. When it fact you are doing yourself a disservice, the optimal amount of rest between sets for your strength training should be 2++ minutes. Depending on the exercise and how hard you are pushing etc.


Longer rests are far superior for anyone who wants to improve their strength and build some muscle mass (aka almost everyone). By resting longer between your sets, you will be able to perform more reps at a higher resistance. Therefore, improving your overall results!! So next time you want to rush through your sets, chill out, slow down and enjoy doing nothing… After all, why would you want to do more than you are have to for a lesser result. Quality over quantity J

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