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Do’s and Don’ts for better Dead Lifts

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Do’s and Dont’s for better Dead Lifts 


Do drive the floor away from the bar.

In a traditional Deadlift don’t have your legs wider than you would for your squat stance. Aim for 8-12 inches apart. 

Do point your toes out slightly. 

Do grip the bar just outside of the legs when your feet are in the correct position.

Do place the bar directly above your mid foot in preparation to pull the bar from the floor.

Once your grip is secure bend your knees and drop them slightly so your shins are touching the bar. Then Do Not Move the bar.

Do have your shoulders past the bar.

Don’t sink your bum down too low, as if you are about to perform a squat. The Dead Lift is half pulling and half pushing.

Do hang your arms between 7-10 degrees behind vertical.

Do squeeze your chest up as you pull, with your weight on the mid foot.

Do Drag the bar up the legs. 

Don’t over extend your lower back when you set up to start your Dead Lift.

Don’t lift the bar with a rounded back. 

Do set the bar back down exactly how you picked it up, just reverse the movements perfectly.

Don’t look up during your Dead Lift, set your eye gaze out in front so that your neck is in a comfortable position.

Don’t excessively over arch your back once at the top of your Dead Lift.


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