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Nick Ford


Diploma in Fitness
Cert IV
Cert III
Senior First Aid

ABOUT nick

I was the competitive kid at school that was apart of every sports team and was always trying to win every sports carnival possible. Aside from my friends, recess and lunch, sports were the only thing keeping me at school. I found I didn’t apply myself academically unless it was PDHPE. At the end of year 11 I had a decision to make; to finish my HSC or leave school to pursue employment. A family friend (who was also my physio) encouraged me to study personal training at TAFE, so then I could apply myself to a passion and interest. I figured whilst my friends and peers were obtaining their HSC I could earn some tertiary qualifications studying what I love. So I did. I left school at the end of 2010 to study and finished up with a Diploma in Fitness in 2012 and I haven’t looked back.

I love the health benefits and direction that exercise and striving for overall good health provides for my life. The enjoyment and fun I find in keeping fit and improving habits, sets a strong foundation that translates into every aspect of my life. A little healthy competition will always be a strong motivator if you really want to see me worked up.

I try to focus on positivity, high energy and goal achievements. I strive to ensure my clients or anyone I train, have or are working towards personal goals at all times to avoid plateaus or stagnant training. It could be anything related to health and fitness, or something in their life, my responsibility is to identify it or help it along the way. We all have different challenges and goals we want to achieve, I strive to help individuals in setting or accomplishing realistic and achievable personal goals suited to their needs regardless of training age or status. We all need them and without them we cannot progress on our fitness journey.

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