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5 Reasons why you should try our Super Stations Session

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5 Reasons Why You should try our Super Stations Class!


Super Stations is our Circuit based training session. Where stations can range from 1 to 6 minutes in duration. You may be working on your own, with a partner or in a group.  


  1. KEEPS BOREDOM AT BAY – Super Stations is action packed, we can load this class with plenty of variety so you will always be kept on your toes.
  2. TOTAL BODY WORKOUT– This class will combine a mixture of both strength and cardio exercises meaning you make the most of every minute.
  3. IMPROVE HEART HEALTH – Your heart will be pumping almost the entire class, which is great for keeping your heart fit and strong.
  4. SAVES TIME – This workout is great for people who are short on time and need to cram a lot into a short period.
  5. BURNS CALORIES – The nature of this style of training means that you are constantly on the go, meaning you will burn a tonne of calories.



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