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Do’s and Don’ts for better Barbell Squats

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Do’s and Don’ts for better Barbell Squats


Don’t set the rack height to high instead set the rack to mid-level with your sternum. It is much easier to rack a weight to a lower height than it is to get on to your tippy toes to rack a heavy weight.


Don’t ever try to rack the bar by stepping backwards. Always step back out of the rack!!


Don’t take more than 1-2 steps back from the rack.


Do take an even grip on the bar measured by the markings on the barbell. Make sure your hands are on top of the barbell.


Don’t grip the bar with your elbows underneath the bar, always have your elbows back and lock the bar into your back.


Do commit to squatting to a depth below parallel.


Do make sure that you have a hip width stance with your feet pointed slightly out.


Don’t look up during your squat. Instead put your chin down and look at a point on the floor about 1 – 1.5m in front of you.


Do shove your knees out as you squat down, this will help with your depth.


Don’t lift your chest up, instead drive your hips up.


Don’t have your back too vertical.

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