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Be Prepared

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 The important of combining meal planning and exercise for FAT LOSS

MOVE MORE: Exercise burns a ‘relatively small’ number of calories most people eat more if they exercise because it stimulates appetite, which results in minimal weight loss if any at all
EAT LESS: Lose weight but most likely lose muscle, which slows your metabolic rate increasing the chances for weight regain

It is important to remember that you can still overeat on the good stuff!! The answer is Portion Control!!!
Eat High density low calorie options to ensure that you are always full and never starving!!

It can be too easy to drink extra unwanted calories. So make sure you keep the following in moderation.
Try fruit infused waters as a substitute for flavour

Be Prepared
As a general rule, store food individually portioned in containers in the fridge for 3-4 days or freeze for up to a month.

•Pick a day and cook in bulk•
•Cook a large piece of meat, such as a whole chicken, beef roast, for lunches during the week•
•Make casseroles (especially in winter) – freeze in portions: BUY A SLOW COOKER!•
•Boil eggs for a quick breakfast, store in the fridge for 3-4 days•
•Cook grains e.g. pasta, portion and store in containers
Reasons to Meal Plan
1.Improved nutrition
2.Make healthier food choices
3.Eat high quality foods – micronutrient-dense, and contain less calories, salt, sugar, and fat than takeout
4.Try new recipes – increase variety and interest to your life
5.Lose weight and keep it off for good
6.Save money – less food wastage
7.Save time – Don’t have to think about what to make or go shopping at the last minute
8.Decrease stress – No longer stress about the daily “what’s for dinner” question

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