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Are you doing enough strength training?

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Are you doing enough strength training??

If you are serious about getting results and maintaining a lean, strong and toned body. I cannot stress to you enough; how important it is that you are participating in strength training every single week!!

I know many of you just love to do our cardio classes, where you get your Heart Rate up, burn a tonne of calories and get a good sweat on. But do not underestimate how important strength training is for not only building lean muscle but weight loss too. Building some lean muscle mass on your body is also the best way to maintain a stable weight all throughout the year. Your body fat % is what you should be aiming to reduce and not the number on the scales. After all you can be heavy on the scales and hold less fat than if you were lighter on the scales and had a higher body fat %.

How much strength training should I be doing?

This really depends on the person and what their specific goals are and how many times they can train each week etc. But as a general rule I think that everyone should be doing between 2-4 strength training sessions per week.

Aim for at least one upper body and one lower body strength session per week.

If you would like to chat to me about how many strength sessions you should be doing send me a message or reply to this email and I will give you some guidance.


10 Reasons why everyone should be strength training!

  1. Weights change your body composition for the better!
  2. Weight Training will help you LOSE FAT!
  3. Weight Training will build Muscle and Boost your Metabolism
  4. Weights will build up the strength and density of your bones
  5. Improve your sleep!
  6. Decrease Blood Pressure and Improves heart health
  7. Weight training will improve your muscular endurance!
  8. Weights will make you strong!! ????
  9. Boost your energy levels and improve your mood!
  10. Strength training will help improve your balance and coordination

Check out our timetable and make sure that you are including at least 2-4 strength sessions per week ????

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