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Lost Motivation??

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Repetitions 6 Top Tips to Stay Motivated

Struggling to stay motivated?


It is time to make yourself accountable for the goals you have set and take action every day in order to REACH your goals.


Remember, summer bodies are made in winter J


  1. Post your goals on Facebook and Instagram – These can be either short or long term goals. By letting others know your goals, you can keep yourself accountable in reaching these.


  1. Write your goals up on post it notes as well as some quotes that make you feel inspired and motivated. Put these notes around your house in spots where you will see them. You could put one in the bathroom, one on the fridge, one near the front door (then every time you leave the house, you will be reminded – this thought is then likely to stick with you for the day J)


  1. Find an outfit that you would love to fit into. Then, put the dress up on display (you could put it up on a hanger, somewhere you can see it, then each time you see it, visualise yourself wearing the outfit fitting it perfectly.)


  1. Be positive and optimistic regardless of the circumstances. It is easy to get down on ourselves which puts doubt in your head that you can’t do or achieve what you set out to. If you are feeling down, SMILE, this will help you to feel more relaxed and happy.

“Appreciate everything that you are”

“Choose to shine”


  1. Find a quote that motivates you and then change your screen saver so that you can stay motivated to stick to your goals. For example, you could use your before picture. Use a number to reference your goal weight or how much you wanted to lose. Use an image of your dream body or outfit


  1. Surround yourself with inspiring people who motivate you. Commit yourself to some of our classes for the week by checking into classes online and you could also tell a friend to come along with you to keep each other motivated. 

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