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High Intensity Interval Session to try at home ūüôā

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High Intensity Interval Session 

If you are feeling up for a challenge grab a friend or head down to a local park and give this session a go! This work out will burn a tone of calories and will increase your cardiovascular fitness

You will need to have some witches hats to mark out the work out and a stop watch (you can use your phone). 

Set Up

РMark out 5 cones which are evenly spaced 10m apart. 

Warm Up 

Light walk/jog for 5minutes 

Perform the following exercises for to the second cone set up 20m away. Then walk back for recovery. 

-High Knees

-Butt Kicks 

РWalking lunges 

-Toe touches 

-Side Steps 

-Stride through

Leg swings and joint mobilisation


Drill 1 

Sprint as hard as possible and then walk back slowly in between each. Make sure that each run is 100% effort

Р5 x 10m sprints 

– 4 x 20m sprints

Р3 x 30m sprints 

Р2 x 40m sprints 

Р1 x 50m sprints 

Drill 2 

Set your timer for 7 minutes. The aim will be to get as far as possible in the 7 minutes. If you are with a partner race each other and see who can get the most done. (This is tough, to make it easier simply reduce the time). 

You will start at the first cone, run to the next cone as fast as you can and drop to your belly. Get up and sprint to the next cone and drop down again. Continue doing this until you reach the last cone. Once you are there, turn and run back. Repeat for the entire 7 minutes. 

Upon completion rest for 3 minutes and repeat. On your second set, you will set your timer to 3.5 minutes. 

Drill 3 

Perform as many burpee’s as possible in 1 minute! Rest for 1 minute and then repeat for 3 sets. You can make this easier by using a chair to modify the¬†burpee or you could change to star jumps.¬†

Cool Down

Walk for 5 minutes and then complete a full body stretch! 

Good luck and enjoy!!



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