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Back to Basics

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Keep things simple with the basics 🔷

There are 7 primal movement patterns that we should focus on in our training to ensure a mobile and functioning body. Squat, lunge, push, pull, hinge, twist, and gait (walk/jog/run) should be routinely performed, allowing us to be ready for anything in life.

Picking up a dresser, setting a heavy box on the floor, putting a large object overhead in a cabinet, and many other tasks we execute in our daily lives revolve around these 7 primal patterns.

We can train them with barbells and dumbbells to allow us to move bulky loads, or do bodyweight movements and build the endurance to do it numerous times (when working on the yard or moving to a new place). Some of us may need to work more on certain areas versus the others due to imbalances, prior fitness demands from sports, or injuries that have limited us in some way. However working on all of these things will keep our bodies moving for a long, long time! 💪🏼

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