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8 Ways to Stay Motivated in Eating Healthy

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💪🏼 8 Ways to Stay Motivated in Eating Healthy
📌 Have a weigh-in – Keep track, even if it’s a gradual way towards or away from your goal
📌 Put money down – hire a professional or any tool or gym membership that will have you put skin in the game.
📌 Start fresh – discard any junk food and replace with proper healthy choices
📌 Plan ahead – prep meals ahead of time and reduce your stress about what, when and how to eat
📌 Set realistic goals – you won’t shave off 10lbs in couple weeks! Try to start with getting off a couple pounds or developing little healthy habits
📌 Reward your success – celebrate even the little wins
📌 Write it down – journal your days, what you ate, if you had a good gym session, and how you felt!
📌 Be forgiving – It will be a struggle, and that’s okay!


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