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Play The Long Game, Focus On Changing Your Habits

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Play the long game, focus on changing your long term habits 

“I don’t have the motivation.⁠”

Something we hear quite a lot.

Motivation is not something you can buy somewhere. It is not something you just find or have. ⁠

If you try to reach your goals based on motivation, we suggest changing your strategy. ⁠

Let’s build some habits and commitments first. It might take some time but once you got it it will last forever.⁠

How to build habits:⁠
✔️ Make it specific – so you can clearly say I did it or not. Let’s say 400 grams of vegetables per day. ⁠

✔️ Start small – with something you know you can commit to every day. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by food prep, start with committing to eating ready-made vegetable snacks in the afternoon, that you can buy at the grocery store. ⁠

✔️ Connect it to something you already do – Habits are easier to build when we associate them with our day-to-day patterns. Say you snack on vegetables during your lunch walk. ⁠

✔️ Hold yourself accountable – Whether you’re using an app or giving yourself a daily visual like a calendar on your fridge, make sure you’re keeping track!⁠

✔️ Enroll your family and friends – You are more likely to stick with something if you have other people asking you how it’s going. Create accountability partners who can keep you moving if you need a little push.⁠

Build healthy habits here:


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