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Mikayla Bridges


Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness
Senior First Aid Certificate
Punch Fit Kick Pad Instructor

ABOUT Mikayla

From a young age of 16-17, I first took an interest in fitness. I was unhappy and forever insecure with my appearance. Uneducated and impatient, I began to try almost every fad and quick remedy I could think of to try and change my physical appearance fast.

I began to phase out and give up as nothing worked nor did I have the patience to stick it out which then brought me to carelessly partying from the age of 18-21yo. I abused alcohol and drugs every weekend. I escaped reality by creating a fantasy world where I no longer had goals to strive towards, lived week to week and all I searched for were cheap thrills and ‘happiness’. My friends and I all shared a common interest in excessive partying and influencing each other into a toxic cycle.

As I reached the age 21-22, I began to realise how much alcohol and drugs had really taken its toll on my body. Returning back to the gym reminded me of sanity and normality, and by this time, that’s all I wanted in the end. I began to set goals, create a positive mindset and work hard. I gradually stopped partying and abusing substances, which I then discovered my friends were not all that accepting of my change.

I realised, no matter who you are, who you have lost or who you may gain in your life, you NEED to do things and make choices for yourself, not for anyone else. Sure I could’ve kept partying to please my friends, but deep down I was damaging not only my body but my mind as well.

Health and Fitness truly changed my life around for the better. I no longer abuse alcohol and drugs. I made a big decision to leave my previous job of 4 years to solely focus on my new lifestyle, I sacrificed time and money to study fitness full time to be in an industry where I’m happy and passionate every day. My strive is to perform better than I did yesterday. I am reaching goals more than I ever have. I am putting my mind and body on the line working towards competing in my very first bikini fitness competition at the end of 2017, Something I would have NEVER believed in myself of doing.

I am proud of who I have become, I will never say I regret parts of my life as that’s what has helped structure who I am today. This is my real journey and it doesn’t just stop here.

I want to give the opportunity to help those who are on a journey to success. Everyone deserves happiness and pride within themselves. Whether you are on a journey similar to mine or completely opposite, working together creates life lessons for us both.

My passion is to help others strive to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be. Do it the right way, not the quick way. Do it for yourself, not for anyone else. Most importantly, Do what makes YOU happy and don’t give up.

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