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As a kid I participated in many different sports from AFL, netball, tennis,
dance to swimming. During my early teens my parents told me that I should
probably stick to one if I wanted to become super competitive at it. For me
it wasn’t a hard decision at all as my passion and love resided in
swimming. I would train 9 times a week in the pool and pretty much
dedicated my whole life to swimming. As I began to reach my late teens and
started becoming competitive at national level meets, I would be constantly
receiving comments from my family and coach about how lanky and skinny I
looked compared to the athletes I was competing against. My coach suggested
I get a personal trainer and start including more gym sessions into my
already hectic training routine. I got myself a personal trainer and they
taught me the ins and outs of the gym and the technical aspects of lifting
weights. I instantly enjoyed it and looked forward to those sessions every

Not long after I got myself a gym membership and started going to the gym
more with my dad to work on my strength and speed with the tips from my
personal trainer and coach. I became fitter and stronger and it was
defiantly showing in the pool. In 2020 I decided to hang up the cap and
goggles and I focused more on family and friend relationships. As a few
months went by and lowdown 1.0 ended, I could see the effects of the
constant weekends out, drinking and over eating had taken on my body and
mind. I decided to get back into the gym and focus on improving not only my
physical state but my mental state. Fast forward to 2021 and my boyfriend
mentioned that he was going to be doing his Cert 3&4 in April. At first it
wasn’t a huge interest of mine but as I thought about it, I thought that it
would be quite interesting and beneficial for me to learn something new/
increase my knowledge on what I already had from previous years as an

Throughout the course I found myself really enjoying it and enjoying
training my peers. In a way it helped me re find that love of exercise and
training because I had so much more knowledge around it and it became
exciting to have a new door be able to open in a fitness career. I also
thought it was so interesting to know what went on behind the scenes of a
trainer. Seeing what it takes to thoughtfully plan and execute sessions and
build relationships with clients.

I am an extremely competitive and determined person. I enjoy pushing myself
to limits that I didn’t realise I had. I guess you could say I enjoy being
thrown into the ‘deep end’ and overcoming challenges that have previously
stood in front of me. As a trainer I want to help others overcome their own
challenges and show them that there is no challenge too hard that you
cannot come out the other side of. I want to make training enjoyable and
help clients to reach goals that they thought were untouchable.

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