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Do’s and Don’ts for a Better Bench Press

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Do’s and Don’ts for a Better Bench Press!!


Do have your feet flat on the ground with a comfortable stance. Similar to the spacing in your squat stance.

Do take the time to make sure your grip is even on the bar. Use the markings to ensure you have the correct spot.

Don’t rest the bar up near your fingers, rest it on the heel of your palm.

Don’t look at the bar when performing your reps, keep your eyes focus on one spot on the ceiling.

Don’t use a thumbless grip…

Do make sure your forearms are vertical from all angles.

Don’t bench press with your shoulder joint at 90 degrees from your side, instead make sure that your shoulder joint is at 75 degrees.

Do make sure that your lower back is in its normally arched position.

Do lower the bar down until you touch your chest.

Do pull your shoulder blades together when performing your bench press.

Do push your upper back and shoulders against the bench as you press the bar up.

Don’t drive your head and neck into the bench.

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