10 Ways to burn more calories in your day to day life

10 ways to burn more calories in your day to day life


  1. Wear a pedometer or something that tracks your steps, set a goal each day and hit the target. You will find yourself making a game of this and doing extra steps you normally wouldn’t.
  2. Don’t choose the closest parking spot to the shops, purposely park the furthest spot you can. 
  3. Take the stairs where possible.
  4. Set an alarm while you are at your desk. Set this to go off every couple of hours or so, to remind you to get up and go for a walk.
  5. Get off the bus / train one stop early, so you are forced to walk home.
  6. Go for a walk in your lunch break, walk to a local café to pick up your lunch.
  7. Stand up at your desk where possible.
  8. When you take a phone call, go for a walk so you can get some walking in while you talk.
  9. Wear comfortable shoes that you can walk in, or always have a pair of walking shoes in your car.
  10. Buy a dog or borrow your neighbour’s dog and take it for regular walks.


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