Why Our Group Fitness Sessions Work

Why Our Group Fitness Sessions Work

➡️Our Session Timetable 

⛔️34 Group Fitness Sessions Per Week
⛔️3 Saturday Morning Sessions
⛔️Sunday Morning Session
⛔️Peak Times we run multiple sessions 
⛔️Kid Friendly 
⛔️Access to Gym Outside of class times 

➡️Huge Variety of Sessions

⛔️All Fitness Levels Welcome 
⛔️Strength Sessions 
⛔️Boxing Classes
⛔️Cardio Based Sessions 
⛔️Open gym programs 

➡️We get results 

⛔️Book in to see our nutritionist 
⛔️Have your measurements taken every 4 weeks 
⛔️We Keep YOU Accountable 
⛔️Rewards for Attending 

Comment "YES" below if you want to make a change!! 

Our mission: Is to create a gym "where EVERYBODY gets RESULTS and leaves their WORKOUT with a SMILE on their face" 

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