Play The Long Game, Focus On Changing Your Habits

Play The Long Game, Focus On Changing Your Habits

Play the long game, focus on changing your long term habits 

"I don't have the motivation.⁠"

Something we hear quite a lot.

Motivation is not something you can buy somewhere. It is not something you just find or have. ⁠

If you try to reach your goals based on motivation, we suggest changing your strategy. ⁠

Let's build some habits and commitments first. It might take some time but once you got it it will last forever.⁠

How to build habits:⁠
✔️ Make it specific - so you can clearly say I did it or not. Let's say 400 grams of vegetables per day. ⁠

✔️ Start small - with something you know you can commit to every day. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by food prep, start with committing to eating ready-made vegetable snacks in the afternoon, that you can buy at the grocery store. ⁠

✔️ Connect it to something you already do - Habits are easier to build when we associate them with our day-to-day patterns. Say you snack on vegetables during your lunch walk. ⁠

✔️ Hold yourself accountable - Whether you’re using an app or giving yourself a daily visual like a calendar on your fridge, make sure you’re keeping track!⁠

✔️ Enroll your family and friends - You are more likely to stick with something if you have other people asking you how it’s going. Create accountability partners who can keep you moving if you need a little push.⁠

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