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William Gill

Growing up through my teenage years I was never a confident kid. In fact i was highly insecure about myself and had a lot of mental problems with my body image.

It was one day I had seen my best mate take his shirt off only to reveal a well developed six-pack and upper body. Yes.. I was amazed, we were young and it wasn’t a common site.

It was that very week my brother had also decided to buy 5kg dumbbells, and do as many curls as possible each arm (big biceps were apparently trending). That’s when I thought to myself, “why not me? What’s stopping me from becoming someone I was proud of?”

I picked up the dumbbells and could barely lift it for many reps sadly, but it lit something inside me. A burning desire to become better.

Every single day from then on I obsessed about training. I would endlessly research the steps required to build muscle and spend hours at a time doing so. There was no break or “time off”, none of that. There was a passion to get better and it was only a matter of time until I got what I wanted.

This obsession went on to overtake my passion in music and pursue fitness professionally (I attended a music school and my reputation as the ‘Piano Man’ later turned into the ‘gym junkie’).


I think it meant something deeper than muscles to me, it changed my attitude towards life. I got into personal development and became a better human. I developed a crazy discipline that was rare amongst people around me. That insecurity I started with had slowly disappeared as I developed the skill to work on my weaknesses. It’s a feeling you can’t put into words. It’s more than a good body, it’s a life-changing journey.


  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Senior First Aid Certificate

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