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Onakee Jones Dela Cruz (OJ)

At an early age I loved to Break Dance, that was my outlet and was my choice of exercise. One day, my brother invited me to go along to the gym with him. I actually didn’t enjoy it at first, but I stuck to it and before long I was hooked. I started to see results and started to build some muscle, thats when I decided I would compete in a ANB Fitness model contest. I actually came 5th and from there I decided that I wanted to get into the fitness industry and help other people reach their fitness goals. One of my goals in life is to maintain an active lifestyle all the way up to my senior years. If I am still working out and being active up until my 90’s I will be happy :P

When it comes to my clients I will always keep a positive attitude and help them in anyway that I can to reach their goals. I really enjoy helping clients set their goals and then work with them so that they get to where they want to be.


Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness
Senior First Aid Certificate

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