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9 Tips to Staying Motivated over the Winter Months

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It’s so easy to hit that snooze button in the morning but staying motivated comes down to one very important factor… Your MINDSET… Ask yourself these questions…

Do I have a solid goal that I am working towards?

Have I got a solid plan of action in place?

Are my goals strong enough so that I am going to be disciplined enough to stick to my plan of action, even on those cold mornings and nights when I don’t feel like training or cooking myself a healthy meal?


Winter is the perfect time of the year to focus on your training and nutrition routine. Good habits should be consistent regardless of the time of the year. You are much more likely to sustain your results if you make consistent effort and remind yourself daily of what it is you are working for.


Rather than focusing on getting a fit body for summer, why not work at maintaining a healthy body all year round?


In this blog post, we will discuss different ways in which you can keep yourself motivated and inspired to continue your fitness journey throughout the colder months.

  1. Set a goal


Make this goal realistic to YOU… Find an image of what it is you want to achieve, post this on your fridge at home or make a vision board and focus on it daily.

Dig deep and make sure this is something that YOU want, not what everyone else wants. We can easily get caught up in what the world wants and forget about what it is we truly want for ourselves.

  1. Focus on the benefits


Write a list of how exercise and healthy eating benefits and adds quality to your life. This will help you to get out of the mindset of “having” to do something and enable you to see the bigger picture.

  1. Get a trainer


A personal trainer or group fitness instructor may be exactly what you need to help you to achieve your goals.

Trainers are experts at holding you accountable. You have a set, paid appointment. They help you to not only develop your own personalized goals but to also develop a realistic and achievable plan to attain these goals.


Trainers have the ability to believe in you even when you are feeling at your lowest and don’t believe in yourself. “I CAN’T” is not in a trainer’s vocabulary.


  1. Embrace the cold

Fresh air open space is good for the mind… If it rains, you toughen up and train regardless.

  1. Reward yourself


Create a reward system for yourself. When you achieve certain goals, buy yourself a new pair of joggers or book a short getaway.

  1. Make fun a priority

Training and eating well gets mundane when we are too focused on “having to get fit and healthy”.  Make healthy living fun, get creative with your meals and workouts… this will keep it exciting all year round.

  1. Make it a routine and take it hour by hour


We get easily overwhelmed thinking about everything that we have to do in a day and it can distract us from what is really important… OUR HEALTH… If you take it hour by hour and focus on one thing at a time, you will feel less stressed and more likely to keep motivated. Make a plan of what you want to focus on that day and see it through.


  1. Join forces with the community, friends, family, neighbours


Surround yourself with loving and supportive people who will help you to achieve what you have set out to achieve. Believe in yourself and never give up, no matter how hard things get.


  1. Be flexible

Be gentle if you need a little break.. Take a couple of days out if u need it then regain your enthusiasm and keep going.

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