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  • Snack Ideas for Spring

    Snack ideas for spring!!

    Are you trying to stick to your healthy eating plan and having a little trouble? Look no further than here! Boredom and lack of creativity in your meals throughout the day can cause stress to take over and next minute, you find yourself falling off the bandwagon before lunchtime Monday. We understand that it isn’t always easy but if you are prepared the day before you will succeed J Check out our suggestions below. These options will help to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. Crackers With Choc Spread and Banana
    Spread 2rye crackers with Mayver’s dark chocolate spread (in the nuts/spreads aisle in ....

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  • How to stay fit while you travel!

    We all travel. Our normal routines get completely thrown out the window when we are travelling. Suddenly we are without a fridge or kitchen and are unable to prepare our own meals. As we travel, our sleeping patterns are out of whack and we sleep at odd hours in different time zones. When we travel, we tend to lose sight of our goals and eat whatever we want and get “too busy” and “too tired” to workout. When we are used to working out in a gym and going to classes, we may not have access to any equipment and are left to figure it out on our own. Here, we provide you with a specific action plan that you can take with you on your next trip. ....

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  • Friends of Repetitions

    Check out Friend of Repetitions ....

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  • Personal Training in Rouse Hill - Repetitions - Fall Flavors for Fitness by Bree Schmidt

    Fall Flavors for Fitness by Bree Schmidt

    One of my absolute favorite things about fall is all of the flavors that come along with it! Everywhere you look, pumpkin spice has taken over! While I am never one to turn down pumpkin flavored anything...another one of my all-time favorite fall flavors is carrot cake. This recipe might just take the cake ? Here is a protein filled recipe to help you start fall off on the right foot. Try it out and let me know what you think!
    You will need:

    1/4 cup rolled oats
    1 tablespoon shredded coconut
    1 tablespoon coconut flour
    1/2 cup (or more) shredded carrot
    2 tablespoon vanilla protein powder (could also use cinnamon)
    1 tablespoon cinnamon
    1/2 tablespoon coconut oil
    1 mashed banana
    1 egg + 1 ....

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  • Healthy Pantry Items and Recipes to Spring into Spring!!

    Healthy Pantry Items & Recipes To Spring Into Spring!! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, boring or time consuming. It is a lifestyle that you can make fun and fulfilling. It always comes down to maintaining a positive mindset. It is only hard if you make it so. Once you get used to the process, cooking and eating well is quite simple, even when we have busy schedules. To make life easier, plan your menu ahead of time and keep your pantry stocked with healthy foods, with a lot of variety. Some examples of what you could stock up on are below:
    Almonds, cashews, walnuts
    Tahini, natural peanut butter, almond butter, cashews
    Plain rice ....

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  • 9 Tips to Staying Motivated over the Winter Months


    It’s so easy to hit that snooze button in the morning but staying motivated comes down to one very important factor… Your MINDSET... Ask yourself these questions… Do I have a solid goal that I am working towards? Have I got a solid plan of action in place? Are my goals strong enough so that I am going to be disciplined enough to stick to my plan of action, even on those cold mornings and nights when I don’t feel like training or cooking myself a healthy meal? Winter is the perfect time of the year to focus on your training and nutrition routine. Good habits should be consistent regardless of the time of ....

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  • Lost Motivation??

    Repetitions 6 Top Tips to Stay Motivated

    Struggling to stay motivated? It is time to make yourself accountable for the goals you have set and take action every day in order to REACH your goals. Remember, summer bodies are made in winter J
    Post your goals on Facebook and Instagram – These can be either short or long term goals. By letting others know your goals, you can keep yourself accountable in reaching these.
    Write your goals up on post it notes as well as some quotes that make you feel inspired and motivated. Put these notes around your house in spots where you will see them. You could put one in the bathroom, one on the fridge, one near ....

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  • Tips for a healthier weekend

    Tips For A Healthier Weekend Want to stay on track with your goals but finding it tough when Friday comes and there are temptations all around you? We all know how it goes. You make good food choices, avoid temptations, and work out every morning only to find that on Friday or Saturday night, your willpower goes out the window. Somehow you begin noshing on chicken fingers and guzzling beer then snoozing through your strength class the next morning. Sound familiar? The weekend sure can pose a challenge to our health and weight-loss goals. Why? Well, during the week, we tend to plan ahead and follow a schedule. We get up, eat breakfast, head to work, eat ....

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  • Stitches!!

    What is a Stitch?
    Scientific Term: In Scientific Literature a stitch is recognised as, an Exercise-related transient abdominal pain. Regular Term: In simple words it can be described as, a sharp and sudden pain in the shoulder. What causes a Stitch to occur?

    Unfortunately scientist are yet to know the exact reason of which stitches occur so there is no definite answer at this point in time, however they had narrowed it down to the 3 main plausible theories.
    The first theory is: “ A reduction in blood supply to the diaphragm during exercise.” However this theory has recently lost favour as the diaphragm is so integral to breathing that it is ....

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  • Personal Training in Rouse Hill - Repetitions - Is it best to do weights or cardio first for fat loss?

    Is it best to do weights or cardio first for fat loss?



    In a short answer: after.
    I’m assuming you solely mean fat as few people desire to lose muscle when they’re dropping numbers on the scales. Given such I’ll answer the question accordingly. I think you could argue the point for doing a few minutes of steady state cardio to warm up before weights but generally speaking, save it for when you’ve put the iron down. You want to have as much energy as possible when you start hitting the weights and any cardio preceding it will just reduce your performance.
    Why does that matter in terms of burning fat? Two key reasons...
    The first is the fact that by increasing ....

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  • How to improve and master your chin ups

    How To Improve And Master Your Chin Ups

    Firstly guys, in order to improve your chin ups, you need to work on building strength.
    To build your strength it is important that you gradually overload your muscles and strive for progression. So, how do you achieve this?

    There are several ways… It would be best to use a mixture of the below points J
    You could perform more repetitions of a specific exercise that will build your upper body strength such as the lat pulldown or the dumbbell shoulder press (so if you usually do 12 reps, increase this to 15-20 reps)
    You could perform more sets (complete 5 instead of 3)
    You could reduce ....

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  • Water and Weight Loss!

    Water and Weight Loss
    Do you have any idea how very, very important water is to your life? Well, perhaps you know 'sorta' in general, but I'm going to give you some details-some that I'm pretty sure you didn't know. First of all you can go weeks without food and still survive, but only hours without water. Ok, you probably knew that one. But did you know that about 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Why does it matter? Well, all those trillions of chemical reactions of which we've spoken before, happen in a watery medium inside the cells. There is even a pumping system that changes the concentration of some important minerals from the inside to the outside (and vice ....

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  • Vitamins, Minerals and Exercise!

    Vitamins, minerals and exercise It is commonly believed that people who exercise should take supplements to meet the increased demands on their body. Although exercise increases the need for some vitamins and minerals, this increased requirement can generally be met through a healthy, balanced diet. Some athletes believe that mineral and vitamin supplementation will lead to an improvement in performance. There is insufficient evidence to support this claim. However, supplements may improve nutritional status in people at risk of deficiency. Deficiency generally occurs in people who do not increase their energy intake to meet the added demands of exercise. Iron is an ....

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  • Alcohol and Exercise

    Alcohol and Exercise
    There are few studies where the influence of alcohol intake on exercise performance, either before or after, has been assessed. Because of the known debilitating effects of excessive alcohol intake, e.g. alcohol-induced nervousness, alcohol- induced malnutrition, together with metabolic disturbances, it could be expected that excessive alcohol intake could adversely affect exercise performance. Calorific content
    : As already stated the energy content of ethanol, 29DH (kJ.g-1) is similar to that of fat, and approximately two fold higher than proteins and carbohydrates. However the production of ethanol's metabolites will have adverse effects upon ....

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  • Personal Training in Rouse Hill - Repetitions - Tips on consuming alcohol whilst in training :)

    Tips on consuming alcohol whilst in training :)

    Although I would never really recommend anyone drinking alcohol, many of you are like myself and do enjoy a social drink every now and then. Below are some tips you should follow or keep in mind when you are out enjoying a drink. 1. Calories matter! If you are planning to go drinking on a night out and your goal is to lose or maintain weight it can be very deceiving the amount of drinks you can have before you've stacked on a whole lot of empty calories. A general rule is to not go over 4 standard drinks which depending on the beverage can take up to "45 minutes" of intense work to burn off. 2. Always try to eat something light before you do plan on consuming alcohol. This not ....

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  • Personal Training in Rouse Hill - Repetitions - What to eat before and after exercise?

    What to eat before and after exercise?

    What to eat before and after exercise!! For those of you who couldn't make our presentation last Friday night, here is a summary of the things that we discussed. We will be holding regular presentations each month, so if you have any questions that you would like answered feel free to email with your question or simply ask a trainer at your next session :) Macronutrients
    - Protein is what helps build your muscles. Foods which are rich in protein are: Eggs, Chicken, White Fish, Red meat, Tofu. Carbohydrates -
    Main Fuel source for the body. Foods which are high in carbohydrates are: Whole grains, brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes. Fats
    - Secondary ....

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  • The 12 Best Foods for Healthy Hair, great sources of protein and good fats!

    The 12 Best Foods for Healthy Hair, Great Sources Of Protein & Good Fats! 1. Oily Cold-Water Fish Fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel, trout, pilchards, kipper, herring and eel are all high-quality sources of protein and essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega-3 and omega-6. Those fatty acids are crucial to hair, skin and nail health, helping to stimulate skin and hair growth, maintain bone health, regulate metabolism and maintain the reproductive system. Research shows that these oils also can help defeat dull, dry hair and scalp and improve shine. But baby mamas be aware : Pregnant and lactating women need to consult their doctors on safe consumption because certain ....

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  • Personal Training in Rouse Hill - Repetitions - Tips on Fat Burning

    Tips on Fat Burning

    FAT BURNING – Did you know? Today, we are going to learn a bit about the fat burning process. When our bodies are at rest, we burn both fat and carbohydrate. This makes sense as we are functioning with oxygen where both fat and carbohydrate are burned in the presence of oxygen. At rest, under normal circumstances, most people burn about 50:50 fat to carbohydrate. The fitter you are, the greater your chances of burning fat. There are multiple advantages to being fit including the below: - You burn more fat at rest and during workloads - You have an earlier onset of fat oxidation (burn more fat sooner) - A higher threshold so you ....

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  • Personal Training in Rouse Hill - Repetitions - High Intensity Interval Session to try at home :)

    High Intensity Interval Session to try at home :)

    High Intensity Interval Session
    If you are feeling up for a challenge grab a friend or head down to a local park and give this session a go! This work out will burn a tonne of calories and will increase your cardiovascular fitness You will need to have some witches hats to mark out the work out and a stop watch (you can use your phone). Set Up
    - Mark out 5 cones which are evenly spaced 10m apart.
    Warm Up
    Light walk/jog for 5minutes Perform the following exercises for to the second cone set up 20m away. Then walk back for recovery. -High Knees -Butt Kicks - Walking lunges -Toe touches -Side Steps -Stride through
    Leg swings and joint mobilisation


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  • Personal Training in Rouse Hill - Repetitions - The Important Part of Dietary Plans that People Rarely Address

    The Important Part of Dietary Plans that People Rarely Address

    The Important Part of Dietary Plans that People Rarely Address
    By Alexander Perkins ( @alexanderperkins ) How often have you purchased a new food plan, started a new challenge, or embarked on your own self-prescribed diet only to “fail” days or weeks in? An old fitness myth states that 95% of people who start diets fail. This is unfounded, however in the absence of relevant research I would safely estimate that more than 50% of individual’s give-up on diet’s they embark on. Often this is due to poor overall planning (unrealistic expectations, insufficient calorie intake etc.), however, one of the most common errors is the lack of attention paid to habits. In an age of ....

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  • Personal Training in Rouse Hill - Repetitions - Wednesday Mornings 7am - 9am Open Gym

    Wednesday Mornings 7am - 9am Open Gym

    Starting from next Wednesday the 20th of January! We will now be open from 7am to 9am for open gym! We will be continuing to expand our opening hours over the next few months so keep your eye out on our app, on Facebook and in our emails. Remember if you need any help with training on your own, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us or speak to us after your next session :) ....

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  • Arthritis

    What is arthritis? Over 3 million Australians are affected by Arthritis - This country ’ s leading cause of disability and chronic pain Arthritis & Rheumatism - What is the difference? Arthritis means inflammation of a joint. Rheumatism is a general term used to describe any pain in the musculoskeletal system. There are 3 main categories of arthritis … 1. Degenerative (Eg, Osteoarthritis) 2. Inflammatory (Eg; Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis) 3. Crystal Arthritis (Eg; Gout) Not all-muscoskeletal pain is caused by arthritis. Pain can arise from irritation of tissues around joints, such as ....

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  • Personal Training in Rouse Hill - Repetitions - Pregnancy and Exercise

    Pregnancy and Exercise

    Exercise During Pregnancy Exercise can be very beneficial if you are conscious of the precautions to take and knowledgeable about the effects that exercise can have on you and your developing baby. The guidelines and limitations for exercise should start as soon as you know you are pregnant, or begin trying to become pregnant. Consider intensity, frequency and time are things that should be considered.
    Go at a low - moderate pace, avoid prolonged exercise, minimise aerobic exercise to less than 20 minutes. Take frequent breaks and cool off.
    Stay hydrated - drink plenty of water before and after your workout, drink the entire bottle during the workout.

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  • Personal Training in Rouse Hill - Repetitions - Are you getting a good night sleep??

    Are you getting a good night sleep??


    Deep sleep is an essential component of enjoying good health. Poor sleep can contribute to a number of chronic illnesses and disorders. Recent sleep investigations have provided researchers with some very fascinating information on the nature of sleep and factors that improve or detract from a good night ’ s rest. By better understanding the cycles of sleeping and waking, and by following some simple strategies we can greatly improve the quality of our sleep and health.

    The Circadian Rhythm

    The human body runs on 24 hours cycle. The 24-hour cycle of waking and sleeping is termed the circadian rhythm. The controlling factor of the ....

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  • Personal Training in Rouse Hill - Repetitions - Are you drinking enough water??

    Are you drinking enough water??

    Keeping yourself hydrated is a key consideration for achieving optimal health and maximizing exercise performance. Our bodies consist of approximately 60 percent water and a drop of just a few percent can result in adverse symptoms. The reason for this is water is needed to control body temperature as well as for the delivery of nutrients and excretion of wastes. Water also forms the medium in which the body’s many chemical reactions occur. How do you know if you are hydrated?
    A good way to monitor your hydration levels is by monitoring your urine output. The motto here is ‘Don’t go for gold!’. When fully hydrated your urine should be clear and odorless - although vitamin ....

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  • Looking For A Career In The Fitness Industry?

    Are you passionate about health and fitness? Would you love the opportunity to work in the industry?
    The Repetitions Team will be expanding in the near future and we are looking for passionate trainers to join us in improving the overall health and fitness of the local community. Essential qualifications required:
    Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness
    Current Senior First Aid Course
    Registered with Fitness Institute of Australia Fill out my online form . var m1sgkncd0dvj394;(function(d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t), options = { 'userName':'fittofight', 'formHash':'m1sgkncd0dvj394', 'autoResize':true, 'height':'440', 'async':true, 'host':'', 'header':'show', ....

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